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We are Chartered Certified Accountants who are here to help small and medium size businesses and their boards with all of their accounting, taxation, employment and legal challenges in London.

Jacob Manu & Co is a leader in offering eur to usd forex workforce solutions in the accounting and financial services industries.

Corporate Tax advice

We understand that every business is unique so as well as preparing your corporate tax returns we can also advise your business on statutory requirements and the most effective means of fulfilling these obligations. The nature of a business will mainly determine the available tax reliefs so at Jacob Manu & Co our specialist team regularly assists clients to take advantage of available reliefs and also ensures that client business understands any regular changes in the tax legislation.

Personal Tax advice

At Jacob Manu & Co we understand that the importance of effective planning in assessing an individual tax liability.  Our objective is always to ensure that our clients have the necessary structures in place to reduce their tax liability. We will endeavour to represent our clients in all their contact with HM Revenue and guarantees an excellent tax advice.

Tax planning

A critical element in the complete provision of professional service is taxation. Taxation has a major impact on both individuals and businesses and is becoming more complex every year. Our tax engagements focus on timely tax return preparation and on generating innovative ideas to legally reduce your existing tax burden. By taking a pro-active approach towards tax planning, we combine creativity with our in-depth knowledge of the tax legislation to develop effective strategies to achieve your goals.
Some of our services include:
  • Transaction structuring to minimize taxes
  • Development of constructive tax planning suggestions
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Tax planning for high net-worth individuals
  • Development of reorganization plans
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